[SELLING] TONS of Diamond Gear!

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  1. I have (Unenchanted):
    Diamond Hoe x54

    I have (Enchanted):
    Diamond Sword: Bane of Arthropods IV

    Post your offers down below!
  2. 2500r for Effciency IV, Silk touch I?
  3. 3000r for Effciency IV , Silk touch I unbreaking 3 ?
  4. deal on both
  5. the picks requested above are gone, still tons of items to be sold!
  6. Diamond Pickaxe: Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I- Uh 3000 :p
    Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency IV 2000 :p
  7. deal, ill give em to you in a second
  8. I payed :p
  9. all enchanted picks have been sold!
  10. Wow just late...
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  11. I'll pay about 50k for the above. :)
  12. can you do the break down so I know exactly what I am paying?
  13. Just over 53r per diamond used.
  14. deal, ill set up access for the items in a couple minutes
  15. I have paid.
  16. All of the undesirables left! :p