[ Selling ] Tons of Blaze Heads 50 R Per!

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  1. Hello and Welcome to my thread.

    I am selling Massive amounts of blaze heads for 50 rupees per!

    The shop sign is located at res 10088 in smp5, just turn left and walk 3 blocks from spawn!

    There are currently 2 and a half stacks in stock!
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  2. Bump! more than a stack in stock! Same price!
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  3. Remind me to come later :D
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  4. Thanks for that. :p Great decorations, sold out quick. I need these desperately. Great price, too. For those who want blaze heads, you can get them from spawners now. Just an update. :D
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  5. Can I buy s dc? :)
  6. Me and hash had GREAT fun buying them all! =D
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  7. Tell me when you get more in i would love to buy a bunch!
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  8. will post in this thread next time i get a stack in :D
  9. I bought 63 of them :p
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  10. I collect the new heads and player heads. THanks for the help :D
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  11. Well.. I honestly think the head drops have gotten way to crazy.
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  12. I told him this is uncalled for.
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  13. 50r blaze heads? I don't know anyone selling zombie heads for under 70r! I sell them for around 800r I believe.. You just lost around 700r per blaze head.. Do the math if you sold over one stack. It's ruining the economy..

    EDIT: just did the math, and if you sold them at just 500 rupees a piece, which is already cheap enough, you would've made 80k from the 2 stacks and a half you sold.. So overall, you sold them for 50r each, and made only 8,000 rupees. You basically lost 72k in profit..
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  14. Um, u won't be able to get online it a while, so can I have one set aside for me? :D
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  15. This could/might fix the economy. Those players that bought those heads could sell them for 1k each ;) so yeah
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  16. Not really, I have trouble selling them at 800r and I advertise a lot. 650r is the least I would sell blaze heads.
  17. yep ^_^
    i didnt lose anything becauase i farmed them ^_^ theres nothing to lose
  18. bumpy restocked
  19. Not anymore :D
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  20. dangit adon!