[SELLING] The Rest of my small promo collection!

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  1. Hey guys, Just a small thread here, selling some promos. :)
    If you feel the need, swing by 642@smp1 for a preview of the promos. (ofc, they are listed here.)
    • Headless Horseman Mask
    • Headless Horseman Axe
    • x1 Spooky Egg
    • x1 Love Potion no.9
    • x1 Meteor Bow
    • x2 Mineral Mincer
    • Chicken Skewer
    Did I mention, Its a Name your own Price too? :eek:;) I'm not too picky on prices, but i can never guess a good amount for em. :confused: EDIT: I forgot to put this somewhere, Your choice of Either: I mail you them, or you pick up. :)
  2. Late Bump! :D
  3. Really late bump! :D
  4. Really late bump! BUT, I added 2 new promos after digging around my storage. :D
  5. Meteor Bow - 9,500 Rupees
    Horseman Axe - 20,000 Rupees
  6. Sure! Mail em to ya In a bit. :)
  7. Paid.
  8. Mailed. :)