[SELLING] The Last Of My Promos

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  1. Hey all,

    Right now, I really just want to get rid of the last of my promo collection, so here are the items.

    2 Lucky Bows (25k each) (sold out)
    1 Blizz Ard nose (120k) (sold)
    1 Diamond Supporter Voucher (420k, negotiable) (sold)
    1 Avalauncher (400k, negotiable) (sold)

    :p I used to have a lot more (a lot as in A LOT) but I traded em all for a dragon egg :p (I am accepting offers for it, but I am very unlikely to sell it ;)

    Thanks, and I hope to get rid of these!
  2. Ill take the blizzard nose :)
    Im currently busy/away but ill try to pay you sometime today/tommorow
  3. Okay :p I won't actually be on today (I might, if I'm lucky) but I will mail you it whenever I get the chance :D
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  4. I will buy the lucky bow
  5. Okay, I will fulfill all your orders either later today or tomorrow :D
  6. In case you haven't noticed, I have added an Avalauncher to the selling part. The price is 400k, give or take 20k
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  7. I'll buy the other lucky bow and pay you tomorrow evening or so.
  8. Okay :D
  9. Bump :D Still got an Avalauncher, take it off my hands!
  10. Gonna auction the Avalauncher, so I guess there's nothing left :p thanks guys!