[Selling] taste the freedom steaks

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  1. Alright so i am going through all my items to condense and clear out what i dont really need/want anymore and thought i would start with this item to see who would like to buy. ive seen some crazy prices out there per steak that players were selling them for (yes they are rare if you didnt get them at the time they were available) and they took a while to get but still. i decided i would start it off at 500 per steak seeing as all the prices i saw them selling for were 2-4.5k per and i really dont want to be greedy about it but get my times worth out of it. you can work up a deal if you would like as far as buying in bulk quantities as well just let me know how much you are wanting to buy. pm me if you want to buy in large quantities even though i only have 18 stacks of the promo steaks. this will basically be first come first serve due to the low quantity

    for all of you who do not know what these are check here http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/taste-the-freedom/
  2. after getting other views i am lowering price down to 300 instead of the original 500
  3. PM or post here? I'll take a stack of you could :)
  4. sure thing if you want send payment and ill drop off where you would like. ill be on very soon or u can meet me somewhere
  5. If you could mail, that'd be great. I'll be on a little later today, you can hold off mailing until then if you want and I'll pay.
  6. I'll take 56 of em ;)

    Could you mail them? I will pay ASAP.
  7. sure boozle
  8. Okay I paid the 19,200r for a stack of steaks, mail please :) I also payed the 50r mail fee.
  9. sent! alright so 12 stacks sold only 6 stacks remain
  10. Payed 16,800 for 56 steaks and 50r Mail fee ;)
  11. I'll buy a stack for 19,200. Please confirm this and I will pay , with the Mail fee :)
  12. sure thing ill have ready to mail
  13. Payment will be sent in about half an hour when I get on :)
  14. I will buy a stack, and pay the mail fee. Thats 19, 250r total. Thanks!
  15. thanks huckleberry the steak was mailed! and thanks high_jacker will mail soon!
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  16. thanks to those that helped me get rid of these steaks they were simply taking up space in a chest collecting dust doing nothing for me as i do not even use them on my trips out in the wild. i do have only 4 stacks left of the original 18 so if you would like to buy let me know before i am all bought out thanks again!
  17. 4 stacks and 18 left. if you have promos you want to trade for these that can be done as well