[selling] Taste the Freedom steaks /v 15061

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  1. While supplies last I will be selling Taste The Freedom steaks at my first res on smp7, 15061. You get 1000r off if you buy 8 at a time. I only have 2 stacks at the moment but will get more to restock soon!

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  2. Isn't that a little overpriced? You can still get them for the next week.
  3. Way too expensive, you can get them for free really fast with a Looting 1-3 sword..
  4. i would have to disagree. ive spent quite a bit of time killing cows yet dont have much at all even with the new looting 4 sword. not as easy as it seems to get them yet its worth the time
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  5. Thats my favorite promo ;P
  6. It's about 5% with no looting and 30% with looting 3