[Selling/Taking Orders] Iron Ingots

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  1. Hello! I am selling iron, one iron, for six rupees. You may buy some, but if I am too low in stock, then I will change status to taking orders!

    STATUS: Selling!
  2. Blocks or ingots? Ingots sell for around 6r and blocks 45r
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  3. Too high for me!

    Any lowered Prices?
  4. Lowering prices, 6r
  5. One stack please, I will pay you 384r now
  6. ok, I'll get it to town soon, shipping is a bit difficult
  7. I will buy 2 stacks for 768r.
  8. Alright both orders will be in by friday, sorry about the delay
  9. i will buy 18 stacks of iron. this costs 6912. i will pay you 7k if you deliver it to 2355 on smp1. i will have an access chest for you at the spawn. please PM me when you read this that way i know you have seen it.
    EDIT: I will have to postpone this until i get 7k again XD. it (hopefully) wont take long :p