[SELLING] Supporter Vouchers

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  1. Hello Everyone...
    I am selling the following items:
    Iron Supporter Voucher 3
    Gold Supporter Voucher 0
    Diamond Supporter 1

    Post below or msg me in game if you are looking to purchase, there are no set prices; they are up for negotiation just message me or post below your price :).
  2. Umm, whats the prices?
    This is just for other buyers :D
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  5. Ummm.. see the thing is, this is not a completed Thread. This an Auction. This should be in the Community Auction Section. Also, they're is no price. "What's the price?" People are asking. Also, what's the pickup information? This is a Auction, but it's not completed. I suggest "Editing" your Thread to make it better.
  6. This is not an auction. He is selling these for a specific amount of money.

  7. Oh.. kk.
  8. what this guy said
  9. is it possible to mix promos and rupees or youre only taking money?
  10. depends which promos, list your offer :)
  11. I could trade a vault voucher, 3 stable voucher, 1 escd and an holiday candle for 1 voucher
  12. 3000 r please say yes
  13. I'll buy the 3 iron vouchers for 220k
  14. Vouchers are from 100k to 500k
    3k is hopeless unless the person is not very smart =P
  15. I hope he says yes
  16. Iron Vouchers are worth 80-110k, 75k if your lucky... he won't say yes.
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  17. Is that your maximum? I'm looking for a bit more than that tbh!
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  19. The most I can do is 250k