[Selling] Supporter Vouchers!

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  1. Currently Sold out! Sorry!

    I can either sell TWO(2) Diamond Supporter vouchers As well as ONE(1) Gold supporter Voucher,
    One(1) Diamond Voucher ,Three(3) Gold Vouchers
    Five(5) Gold Vouchers

    Price will be 150K for gold vouchers, 300k for Diamond -

    Note: I WILL accept Promos* in trade, as 20% OR LESS of the total amount( a.k.a if you buy a diamond voucher and you want to trade promos, its 240k Rupees MINIMUM and then promos)

    Note2: to save krys some time, I'm not going to tell her what I want until I get all all orders completed.

    *Promos will not be considered at their face-value, if you believe an item is worth 50k, to me its worth 25k. =)

    Reserve List:
    1: xxherpusderpusxx -Diamond
    2: AlexChance - Diamond X1 Gold x1
  2. I blame 4th of July for me not being able to afford buying a gold voucher from you.. T-T ..I only have 1/3 of the amount you want and I would rather not liquidate whats left in my rares vault to get access to my utopian outpost.. :oops: ..But good luck selling them.. :D
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  3. Can i reserve a diamond voucher?
  4. I'll take 1 diamond voucher and 1 gold voucher :)
  5. Dang I need a 3rd res. But I dont have 300k
  6. well, that about sums it up! I am PMing krys now! please be ready with payment(or send before if you want me to just mail it to you when Krys gives them to me)
  7. Paid
  8. Will mail as soon as I receive them! =)
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  9. I have the cash and will pay when i can get on. It might be a while do to me going to watch the game at my grandpas house and not knowing what im doing after.
  10. In no real hurry, have to get krys time to get online, handle everything else she has to do, and send me the vouchers, Just let me know.
    (Also, I will be going afk from about 1:15 Gametime til about 4 Game time, so if its not until then that I receive the vouchers, it will be a couple of hours before I can send them)
  11. you have any gold vouchers left?
  12. Not currently, I'll be able to purchase two more(or one diamond) on thursday, but thats the best I can do =)
  13. I'm back, so xxherpusder, let me know when you're online - still no word from krys, but shes not been on EMC for 26 hours, so it has to be soon, right? haha
  14. I have the vouchers - will mail as soon as I can connect to the internet again - there is a storm over-head, 'causing the power and internet to be.......crappy... may be morning before I can send it to ya.

    to the other guy; need to know if you're still interested.
  15. I have the cash. Just not sure if you can send money to someone when they are not online.
  16. it is possible, and I'm resetting my modem right now, so should be on soon!
  17. Vouchers sent to Alexchance, awaiting payment and/or meet-up, xxherpusderpusxx
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