[Selling] Supporter vouchers for good deals (D-215k, G-110, I-45k)

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  1. Hey guys, I'm selling supporter vouchers at 4005 on SMP2. Just head to the Grey teleporter at the back. :)
    • Diamond - 172k
    • Gold - OOS
    • Iron OOS
    Discounts given for buying 3 vouchers. :)
  2. Wait, you can sell them via regular chest signs?
  3. I am not currently interested but I have a few questions since I may after 3 months or so.

    Note: The questions are for the diamond vouchers.
    • Can you tell the difference between one from the holidays and the ones that are now being offered year round?
    • How many of these do you currently have?
    • Can prices be negotiated? when buying supporter ship for in game rupees for another player the conversation rate is normally around $1 (USD)=10000 rupees.
  4. Slot signs :)
    • Not sure
    • 5
    • If bought in bulk as OP specifies :)
  5. do you have any left for purchase?
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  6. Yep :D
  7. Sold out iron and gold, but decreased diamond to only 206k :D
  8. do you have any plans on selling these in ur shop on a regular basis? and ty i bought a gold 1 from u a few days ago :)
  9. Thanks :) Probably not, as they're be able to be purchased and won't exactly be exclusive :)
  10. Hey Alex, I have many promos, mind if I start a pm with you, maybe it can shorten the price on the Diamond Membership?
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  11. Iron is sold out :)