[SELLING] Supporter Vouchers (D, G, I)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Raaynn, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Selling supporter vouchers of all types (diamond, gold, iron) on-board ship at
    smp6 V 12010 or V +Docks. (shop is on main deck)
    Diamond @ 380,000
    Gold @ 190,000
    Iron @ 97,500 > 95,000

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  2. Mind reserving me one?

    EDIT: Gold one
  3. Can you reserve me a diamond one?
    I just bought a gold one fyi :D
  4. Could i do some trade ins to get some credit? i have an Iron supporter and some promos, PM me if we could make a deal :p
  5. I'd like to buy the iron voucher, please.
  6. I'm Back :)

    In general I don't think I could keep up with reserves... but always PM me if you need one as I will have stock usually

    Yes I'm interested in Promos and Rares so PM offers and I will consider.

    They are currently for sale in chests at 12010 on smp6 (v +docks)
  7. BTW thanks for the diamond voucher :)
  8. U R Welcome.
  9. All in stock.
    PM if chest is empty :)
  10. Your iron voucher chest is empty and I would like to buy one. I would have PM'd you but your privacy settings won't let me.
  11. still in chest... ready to purchase. Will have to review new shop signs when I get back... as well as PM (havn't touched anything there :(
  12. I checked last night and it said out of stock. Your signs looked correct as I tested with a gold one and it came up with the choose menu.
  13. Yep... dont know then... there were 3 in the chest...
  14. I just bought one from you a little while ago. Whatever was wrong with the sign fixed itself.
  15. Ok... tx wd
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  16. Cans I trade for a Gold Voucher? I haz moar promos. ;)
  17. Ill give u an enraged villager guardian which is worth 60k empire firework 2015 and 2016 Independence day firework 2 dragon stone fragments and 1 dragon stone for a gold voucher plz if that is not enough ill give u 9k
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  18. So Raaynn is it a deal?
  19. I dont understand what bump means
  20. You 'bump' a thread so that it is top of the 'recent thread list' so more people can see it. ( i hope this helps) :)