[Selling] super cheap iron!

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  1. Hello empire! So i have just got a new res and had to wreck my store because i have been waiting to get this res for a while. 19191! So i have decided to sell super cheap iron there. The more you buy the cheaper it is. I will do my best to keep it stocked but it is hard when a SC has already been sold :p. I hope this works out and just let me know below what you think of it and if i am out of stock. :)
    Thanks, potato
  2. How much could i get with 2000r
  3. About 15 stacks roughly i believe. It is 130r per stack an may change at any time so i would buy now
  4. Was just asking myself because you didn't say how much it cost
  5. Oh sorry...that is my way of getting people to go check it out ;)
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  6. All iron is now on sale!!! 130r per stack buy it while its in stock
  7. Now at 120r per stack! under 2r per ingot! Get it while it is in stock!
  8. what smp is this on?
  9. Smp 9 ;)