[SELLING] Super Cheap Iron Ingots!

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  1. Hey, all you iron addicts! At res 7276 on SMP3 there is a shop where you can buy by the stack, or in singles at 175r and 3r, respectively. 175r/64=2.7r/ingot when you buy bulk(rounded)! When you come into my res there will be a RTS in the TP room so it'll be right in front of you!
    Feel free to ask questions about the shop if you have any :)
  2. bump, now thats a stack of iron!

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  3. Chill out with the bumps. They should be used every few days or so, unless you want the iron out ASAP. If so, then you're good. :)
  4. I
    well, I have more than I really want to have and I want to get at least a DC of it gone this week.
  5. Well I bought A lot !! xD
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  6. thanks!
  7. Alright, I just wanted to make sure c:
  8. if I buy 1 dc will you lower the price?
  9. sorry, out of stock at the moment gonna try and refill soon.
    And it already is very cheap, so no.