[Selling] Sugarcane by the Chest (SC & DC)

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  1. Sugarcane Farm-8500.png

    In need of some sugarcane? You've come to the right place!
    Whether you want it for villager trading, potion brewing, some form of book, or whatever else you use your sugarcane for, I'm here to sell you [almost] as many chestfuls of it as you can ask for. Pricing is as follows:

    Single Chest of Sugarcane-400 Rupees

    Double Chest of Sugarcane-700 Rupees

    To place an order, leave a comment telling me how many chests you would like to purchase. Once I confirm I can fill your order, I'll get to work on your harvest. After I let you know it's ready, send your payment and then come to the Sugarcane teleport on /v Kadboy 2 on Utopia to pick it up.
  2. 3 dc's pls

  3. Order accepted. I'll get to work, and let you know when I'm done so you can pay and pick it up.:)
  4. Your order is ready. Once I receive the 2,100R, I'll setup the access chests.