[SELLING] Sugar Cane

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  1. Well I have a huge res full of sugar cane and you can order yours!

    1 Single chest=300r
    1 Double chest=500r
    5 Double chests=2100r
    10 Double chests=4000r
    100 Double chests= 38000r

    Delivery Service= +30 for a Single chest full +50 for each double chest

    Deadlines can be set for 300r extra. If it doesn't meet your deadline then you get a refunded 300r and 100r is deducted from your totals daily.

    Order yours now!

    *Deadlines for 10 or 100 dcs must have atleast 1 week prior to deadline*
    Pick up at 11110 (my 3rd res)
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  2. Ill take 10 DCs :)
    Deliver to 3339 (let me know in advance when its almost done so i can set up chests)
    Total is 4500r :)
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  3. 5 DC's please thats 2100r please can you tell me where and when to pick up thanks
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  4. Ok 11110 is pick up it might b a few days
  5. ok thanks
  6. Could I order 24 dc? I would like it delivered to 4000 on smp2, there will be a teleporter to the area with chests. I'm estimating about 11k for that. Thanks.
  7. Take your time with my order. I want it done it a week or 2 though
  8. never mind actually. i dont need it