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  1. 2013-06-08_12.13.21.png
    I am selling the stuff in the picture above. You must buy the whole chest, you can't pick and choose items. I am currently asking 2K - Price negotiable.
    First offer gets it.
  2. It is now lowered to 1k.
  3. That stuff is worth 200r MAYBE

    I'll pay 100r
  4. my lowest is 500r
  5. This is just random stuff that nobody wants or needs, bit of a waste of time if I might say.
  6. then dont say anything if you dont want it.
  7. When i have useless junk like this, i host a "Garage Sale", where i put access signs above chests and let people pick and choose what they want.

    All items are 10r, all Enchanted items are 50r
  8. its all now 200r
  9. You'd be lucky if someone buys this for 50r
  10. cool im selling it for 150 to 200.
  11. It's down to 100r if anyone wants to buy it.
  12. Wow only 100r since i haven't got any nether quartz, i'll buy the whole chest off u for 100r!
    Question: where do i pick it up from after i pay u?
  13. I already sold it sorry.
  14. Aw i wanted it :/
  15. Eww, initial price way to high.
  16. Ikr
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.