selling stuff to the empire

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would a sell it back shop be a good idea

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yes 10 vote(s) 76.9%
no 3 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. hi im new and was wondering if i can sell to the empire or trade items with players :confused:
  2. Welcome!

    You can make your own shops to sell things to other players, or you can sell to other player shops (if they have configured selling to them and not just buying). You cannot sell to the /shop (Empire Shop). More details on player shops:
  3. Lot 809 on smp1 has a fantastic shop which can buy many items from you.
    Leowaste on smp2 has the same, but on an even larger scale, i dont know his res number off the top of my head, but just type /v leowaste, to go there.
    Hope this helps out a little :)
  4. thanks guys fantastic advice thanks for your help ;)
    is there any of them stores on smp4
  5. There may well be some shops that buy on smp4, I don't know about them though sorry.
    You can always ask in global chat on smp4 and see how people reply.
  6. I kinda think the option to sell to the empire would be a good idea. They would obviously be terrible deals, but it would serve those who don't have the time to find someone who buys the items, nor build a store to sell them. Personally, I wouldn't mind selling off all the dirt I've gathered, even if it were only 1r per 4 stacks. It would save me having to just burn them... It wouldn't cost anyone anything, and eliminate alot of waste blocks from around the empire.
  7. I actually brought up this idea on another thread in a forum, this is an excerpt from Dark_Liz, and I find myself agreeing with it:

    "Yeah, doing this would seriously damage the simulated economy.
    From what I understand, it's really hard to have anything resembling a realiatic economy on a Minecraft server. Empire Minecraft has succeeded at doing this. The economy here feels real... and in a way it is.
    One of the things that makes the Empire's economy realistic is that, aside from the daily bonuses, work and service result in earning money... just like in the real world. And... that if you spend all your money foolishly there's no quick easy way to get more right away without working and providing a service to others for it... just like in the real world.
    Empire Minecraft currently stands as an example of how to have a realistic, functioning economy in Minecraft."

    I've actually been wanting to congratulate you on this Justin and Jeremy. Very nicely done!!

    I would say if one wants to make it so players can earn more money there are two things each individual player can do: A) put up shop chests that buy things on your lot (things you need of course; at prices you consider good for you to buy at); B) encourage other players to do the same."
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  8. I agree, which is why I proposed that it would be such bad deals. I was considering it more a method to atleast get something for the junk blocks rather than just destroying them. It would in no way be a profitable venture to solely sell to the empire. As in my previous example, 1r for 4 stacks of dirt, this is just a method of getting a little for alot. Same as a garage sale, sell your junk for a little rather than just dumping it. I don't think this would be enough to de-stabalise the economy, though I do realize the precarious balance that characterises any minecraft economy.