[SELLING] Stuff-Promos

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  1. DC Emeralds
    SC Iron Blocks - Sell chest at 9349
    10 Turkey Slicers
    9 Haunted Heads
    8 Labor Benches
    Independence Day Firework - Sell chest at 9349
    Used Incitatus: 74.69 Jump, 19.00 Health; Gray White Dots
    0 Super Dragon Poop
    0 Vault Vouchers

    Posts in thread, or PM.
    Also will accept trades.
  2. Super dragon poop, I want. Give me a few to find a fair price
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  3. Are you willing to sell a Dragon Poop for 8k plus a Vault Voucher?
  4. One Super Dragon Poop sold to Admiral.
  5. And the other two to samsimx.
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  6. Also adding to the list: 2 vault vouchers
  7. And a bump.
    There are a lot of turkey slicers here, looking for a home.
  8. Hey anyway I can buy a Labor Bench 5k?
  9. How much for the Independance day firework?
  10. How much for the emeralds?
  11. Looking for in the area of 7.5k.
    PM me an offer, we can work something out.
    I'm thinking in the area of 70k
  12. Any haggling that down 6k?
  13. Bump.
    Things are slowly going.
  14. Around how much for the turkey slicers?
  15. How much for some of the iron, not all? I would say 18 stacks?
  16. Well, SC was 27k, so I'd say 18k, or 1k a stack.

    Also, Bump.
  17. I will take dc of emerald!