[Selling] Stone and Cobble

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  1. My last thread wasnt neat or anything so I have decided to make an all new thread!

    Hi, It is AmusedStew here aka Stew and I am going to introduce you all to my stone/cobble business.
    Basically, Im selling cobble and stone by the DC so before I get carried along in typing here are the prices!

    • Each DC will cost 3k
    • I will deliver it all for free until you get up to the 5DC mark.
    • Each DC costs 2.5k
    • I will deliver it for free until you reach the 5DC mark.
    Whats in stock atm: DC of stone- 1 DC of cobble- 0

    Current Orders
    1.puffernugget- 4DC stone
    2. jknr- 1DC stone
    3. WhiteWolf- 1DC cobble

    My Guidebook to this
    • I will do all orders no matter the size within 14 days (you may be saying 14 days?! well yes, I have school work to do everyday, and my record has been 10DC in a week, but I get a single double chest in like less than a day lol.)
    • Please do not order more than 10DC, If you do, Ill accept order but it will take extra time.
    • I will accept only 5 orders at a time.
    • Last but not least have fun.
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  2. Just the thing I was looking for! Could I get 1 DC of stone to be delivered to 646 on smp1? I can pay in advance as I won't be on until this weekend.
  3. Sure thing, It will be done once I return from the nether! :D
  4. Will this cobble be from neonkillah's cobble stone gen?
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  5. Possibly, Might have to have him go wood chopping again lol.
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  6. I went to deliver the stone but your sign didnt work you spelled access, acess. so IT wont work until you fix it, just like this comment once it is fixed. thanks
  7. Alright I'll have a look at it. Thanks for letting me know!
    EDIT: *facepalm* I was in a hurry and you're right I did misspell access. Now it should work.
  8. delivered, enjoy!

    Also my picks are ready to go, get your order now guys :D
  9. Bumparooni.
  10. Bumpz, get your order in now :D
  11. Bump, lowered price to a more fair one.
  12. I'll also order a DC of cobble. I like your service and want to support it! Same residence and I'll set up a chest and pay in advance. This helps me a lot as I'm just too lazy to go mine stone :p
  13. Ill do it after my quartz adventure (might be later on though to have done)
  14. Sign must be ABOVE the chest, so was unable to deliver, you may comment here once you have fixed.
  15. bumpz, no orders currently. get it whil im not too busy
  16. Guess this is a bump. Ready for some orders.
  17. Out of boredom bump! :)

  18. smiling pencil bump :p
  19. I would order but once again...i'm bidding atm, maybe in a bit
  20. Bumping likabaws.