Selling Starter Set and Book!

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  1. Hello, I Am _Bugsyz_
    I am selling some items today!

    Here is the list:

    Starter Armor:
    Starter Helmet- 2k
    Starter Chestplate- 2k
    Starter Leggings- 2k
    Starter Boots- 2k

    Starter Tools:
    Starter Sword- 1.5k
    Starter Pickaxe- 1.5k
    Starter Axe- 1.5k
    Starter Shovel-1.5k

    Starter Book:
    Starter Book, Getting Starter- 2.5k

    Starter Set:
    15k (1.5k off)

    14 Sets in stock!
  2. Ready to sell!