[SELLING] Starter Items (Soulbound)

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  1. Selling:
    Empire Assistant x3
    Getting Started Book x3
    Starter Sword x3
    Starter Pickaxe x3
    Starter Horse x3
    Starter Armor Set x3

    All of these are the ones with soulbound on them.

    Post your offers down below.
  2. Correction: Only 2 of the Horses are Soubound :/ Thank you to FDNY21
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  3. starter horses sold!
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  4. I will buy one set of armor, a sword, pick, and a book. Might as well take all the assistants also. I am offering 15k. Does that seem right?
  5. sure, i will take that. do you want me to mail them or set up a chest? I can also deliver.
  6. Set up a chest please! I will be able to pay tonight.
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  7. chest set up at 3940
  8. I think I'll buy all of your Starter Books, how about 1.5k for them all?
  9. deal, i now have 22k to spend on that head :p