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  1. I am offering everything you get from joining the server! I only have like 20 of the starter bread. And the starter sword is missing only one durability! I have everything armor sword and tools! I know some people collect this sort of stuff! Please if you have an offers/bid please post them! I will get a word out to you guys in a bit!
  2. I'm sure I'll be outbid, so I start a little low.... 1,000
  3. I'll give you 5k if the horse is still egged or 4.5k if it's used
  4. I'll take all dat' bread for 1000 rupees.
  5. question, is the old starter armour, or the new?
  6. Alright nice bids! So what I'm going to do so that everyone gets a chance I'm not going to chose the "winner" until next week or so! So keep bidding and I'm not going to choose the highest bid. Like for Effin I might chose your for the awesome help!
  7. Is this a Auction or are you just selling these?
  8. That all that I have please post if I am missing anything!

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  9. I'll take the old getting started book and 20 bread for 2,202 rupees.
  10. Nice offer but I would like to sell everything at once. Or maybe we could talk please come to smp6 and do /v ThatOneAndres or personal message me :D Maybe we could make a good dead
  11. Hey guys Sorry for not giving you guys an update But I wanted to tell you guys that Ethy202 Has offered me 16202r for all the things in the chest so please post if you guys are going to raise the bid or if its game and Ethy has won it all!
  12. It should be some time before I hit 16202... I have 5k.
  13. Now I have 106k lolz :p
  14. Lol nice I'm going to put it up for auction in the auction forums so look there guys :D
  15. Ok. The broken starter gear won't be allowed there.
  16. Ya I see that now XD Well ethy since your the only one that has bid on the gear it look like you may be the winner going to talk to Trever911 and see if he has any new bids but if not I will let you know like monday afternoon or tuesday in the morning I'll send you a PM