[Selling] Standard Dragon Egg!

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  1. Dragon Egg For Sale


    SMP9 18320 2014-02-25_20.44.27.png
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  2. "Standard" = new one
    "Standard" = original one
  3. Standard = new one :)
  4. How did you get the egg?
    Also why didn't you auction it?
  5. There are about 4 or 5 original dragon eggs, which were sold for 1r to /shop so that they could have some work done on them (example: make them shiny) and when they were given back after quite a while, 19 standard eggs were given along with the original to each person as a gift I believe. Anyone may correct me there if I am wrong, as I do believe it was before my time. ;)
    Auctioning it is a risk so Moe is selling it at this res, so anybody can go grab it while they can. :)
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  6. I wish I had that much money.. but alas, even though it has been my dream to own a dragon egg on EMC I am left with the "dragon egg" coal that I got at one of Aikar's drop parties.. :oops:
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