[Selling] Stained Orange Clay for 3.500r :D.

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  1. So the tittle says everything :D. If you are interest in buying the DC plz, pm, or comment. Thnx for your time :D.
  2. Ill buy it because your title says 3.5000 with a period so thats 3.5
  3. It says 3.500r
  4. And plz pay me, and after that i will set up a access chest in my res 14837 at smp7 :D.
  5. Yes. That is a period dude. a comma would be 3 thousand 500r but right now it looks like 3 and one half r
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  6. ok 3,500r, are you happy?
  7. No because i dont want to pay that. Ill give you 2k for it.
  8. Ok, so yeah, i will not sell it for 2k, thnx for telling me that the period thingy stuff. And also thnx for your time :D.