[SELLING] Staff Signed Books

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  1. Since My hopes for a staff museum will not come true, I am selling the signed books that I have by staff.

    I Have These Books To Sell:
    bonzd67: 5k
    ignoramoose: 5k
    5weety: 5k
    Tikiman678: 5k
    GameKribJim: 6k
    shaunwhite1982: 8k
    krysyyjane9191: 5k
    Torian42: 5k
    chickeneer: 6k
    AZHamster: 6k
    bitemenow15: 6k
    Retired Staff!: Crazy1080: 8k
    JackBiggen: 6k

    PM me if interested.
  2. I now have set prices for all of them.
  3. I could use some of them for my staff statues...
  4. Which ones would you like?
  5. Its to expensive to buy all of them, but if you would like to lower the price (since i need all of them) thad be great
  6. I need to start recollecting them again. I had everyone ( Tell i reset my res by accident ). So i lost them all. :/

    ( I need like 4 more to fully complete the set once again ).
  7. What should I lower them to?
  8. I will take these. 31k. Access chest is set up at 11058, smp5. Respond with this with a payment request, and I will do it right away (don't want it to get lost in your rupee history). :)
  9. payment request
  10. i will buy the 5weety one please.
  11. Ok set up acces chest and pay and I will deliver
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  12. ^^dang thats one i wanted XD

    Can i have jackbiggens?
  13. ok set up and access chest and pay and i will drop it off
  14. 10853 and 10975 on smp5 both have mailboxes set up for me :) ill pay now :)
  15. can u set up one at your res as 'm out in the wild on smp3
  16. ok it will be at 3425 on smp2
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  17. all done thx for the book.