[SELLING] Stacks of Diamonds

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  1. I have way too many Diamonds and need to sell some. Selling for 4224r per stack (66r each)
    I have a little more than a SC that I want to sell. If someone wants to buy the SC pm me on the site or in game.
  2. Yea I do. I'll take them all.. one SC = 114k?
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  3. Yes it does :D pick up at 1577 on smp1
  4. I'll be online in.. 3-4hrs or so. will pay on pickup.
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  5. Thank you NZScruffy for buying all le diamonds! I am now at >234K :DDD
  6. I have more diamonds if you wish to buy some :D
  7. Sure. just throw them in a chest for me. Keep em coming.
  8. It is set up :D