[Selling] Stacks of diamond block

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  1. Selling 4 stacks of diamond block, 43r per diamond, which is 24768 for each stack of 64 blocks.

    I'm only selling them in stacks, only 4 of them available.

    Selling from a chest, on SMP9 at 18559.

    Hoping to raise cash for future projects; I know it's not super-cheap, but I hope it's convenient.

    Thanks, - herb.
  2. :O i would buy, but i dont have enough money :p
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  3. Looks like nobody else does, either :-/
  4. Wow. I just posted looking to buy a stack Herb. haha.
  5. Merf, I hope I get there before you're out!
  6. 1 sold, 3 left
  7. i would buy if only it was cheaper :p
  8. So would I.
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  9. I would buy, but I don't need so many diamonds and i don't trade with them either, so.. :)
  10. Meheh. I bought the first one :D
    (and yes, Godly is my alt.)