[SELLING] Stable Voucher

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  1. Item: EMC Stable Voucher
    Price: 45k

    Ready, Set, GO
  2. I bought a stable voucher for 8k :confused:
    Also, is this supposted to be an auction?
  3. He named a price, how can this be an auction :confused:?
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  4. jeez, its 50k at the shop...
  5. Well, he said "Ready, set, GO", so i thought he was going to auction it starting at that price
  6. lol never go by prices at the shop xP idk just a suggestion.
  7. well then just name a price
  8. Only a few thousand.. I have no problem getting mine for 1k and 4k is usually a stretch. I wouldn't mind paying 5-7k I guess.
  9. 6k sound good?
  10. Yeah sure I'll be on SMP1 in a few hours.
  11. i'll set up an access chest at 3946 on smp2, and you can pay me :)
  12. I was just able to get on for a minute, and I didn't see anything there. Sorry but I can't be on for another hour or so.
  13. i've set up the access chest, so pay and come by and pick it up :)
  14. if you took the voucher you need to pay
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