Selling Spawners

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  1. Selling a couple different spawners. They are in a very good location and not to far away!
  2. More details???
  3. The type of spawners,
    The server they are on,
    the condition their in,
    Wild or Nether
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  4. I wants a blazey one....
  5. I have 3 zombie and 1 cave spider. They are all on the smp4 and in good condition. I haven't messed with them at all.
  6. rawr... Lemme think about it. Are they close to bedrock?
  7. One of them is.
  8. Is it a zombie?
  9. Are their zombie spawners next to each other that can be made into a dual spawner?
  10. Let me go cheek that out.
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  11. Ohtay
  12. NO its not possible but their are 2 close to each other.
  13. Double blaze on utopia 60k :)
  14. *cough* Can i ahve it for 10k *cough*
    *cough cough* you can use it too *cough cough*
    *cough cough cough* or just let me turn it into a grinder and let me use it *cough cough cough*