[SELLING] ????? Spawner

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  1. If you read this you spoiled the suprise! Im selling a single blaze spawner for 8k! If you want to negotiate we can. Ill give coords once i get paid. :)

    The blaze spawner may be covered by a netherrack. If so, i put it there to try to control the blazes since i had no torches

    All questions on where it is will be answered in PM :)
  2. Is it a grinder?
  3. Spawner
  4. Oh if it was a ginder i would've bought it
  5. How far from spawn? And is it hard to get to? And which SMP?
  6. what smp is it???
  7. How far from spawn? Is it on Utopia? If it is close and in utopia i want it
  8. PM me for server and more details
  9. PM Me, I have an extra blaze spawner in Utopia
  10. How much for the utopia??