[Selling] Spawner Co-ords

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  1. Spawner Co-ords For Sale

    Single: 4k
    2012-07-29_15.44.21.png 2012-07-29_15.44.42.png
    All Cobble (Bro Wanted Mossy) With Water Access Up + Down

    Spider/Cave Spider:
    Double Cave Spider: 7.5k
    2012-07-29_16.09.52.png 2012-07-29_16.10.43.png
    Thats Both Of Them (The Red Is My Texture Pack)

    IMPORTANT: Supporters can buy on here or make offers, non-supporters for your safety please PM me before posting on here!

    More Coming Soon!
  2. Anyone want them?
  3. Hmmmm lower the Zombie spawner to 3-3.5k and I'll take it as long as its already set up.
  4. just the spawner hasnt been touched other than the mossy cobble used, the chests with stuff still in