Selling some wither skulls for cheap

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  1. Hey guys im selling 11 wither skulls all priced at only 3500 on 4001 smp2. Buy them fast before someone else does
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  2. Can i have them for 3k each?
  3. 3200 is lowest i will go. Plus beacons sell for 12k this would be only 9600 for a beacon leaving you with a big profit
  4. Well, no thnx
  5. fine, i need the money really bad. 3150
  6. Do u? I dont really want it but if this makes u happy ok then 3150r
  7. I bought you out. :) Thanks.
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  8. Lol... Why do you need even more?
  9. I dont "Need" more, but I like to have more :).
    I decorate with them, wear them, and I have given some away.
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  10. Nice.