[Selling] Some things

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  1. Items:
    • 25 stacks of quartz ore- 24,000r (16r per ore, not sure if this is the going rate atm)
    • SC of Podzol- 5,000r (aboud 3r per)
    • 1 Vault Voucher- 16,000r
    • SC of Glass Blocks- 1,500r
    • 1 Spider Head- Offer
    • 1 Sheep Head- Offer
    • Unused Big Daddy Helmet (60k member promo)- 19,000r
    More to be added.
    If you want one of these items reply below and pay me. I will deliver the item to your res free of charge. If you are on smp8 though the pickup will be at 3339 smp2.
  2. pm me for the glass
  3. Ill buy the podzol for my event.:D
    I´ve payed, pls drop the SC off at 18223 on SMP9.
  4. Delivered.

  5. Bump... probably adding more stuff in today.