[SELLING] Some Stuff

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  1. Im selling the following Items:
    (2) Beacon- 10,000r/ea
    (1DC)Quartz Flakes- 16,000r

    Thanks for reading,

    [All items are deliverable for FREE to any server but smp3 and smp1 if on smp3 or smp1 pickup is on Utopia and a 20r refund for vault troubles.]
  2. Beacon was sold :)
  3. Bump, DC of flakes now added! :D
  4. I might take the quartz for 8k xD sorry bro, but 20k is not gonna happen
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  5. You notice that is like 3r per flake right? lol.
    This is a DC, last SC I sold was for 10k, this is DC so 10x2= 20k
  6. DCs are going for 10-12k. If I find a use for quartz, I'll submit a new deal
  7. Changed price to 16k for the DC :D
  8. 2 beacons added fresh from the nether death battle!!!
  9. Derpy Bump.