[SELLING] Some Random Items and Enchanted Swords/Bows

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  1. Currently Selling:
    3 DCs of Paper
    2 DCs of Stone Brick
    2 DC of Cactus
    1 DC of Melon Slices
    5 DCs of Seeds (Regular/Wheat)
    Bane of Arthropods IV Diamond Swords x8
    Bane of Arthropods IV, Knockback II Diamond Sword x10
    Knockback II, Bane of Arthropods IV Fire Aspect II x2
    Sharpness III, Knockback II Diamond Sword x10
    Unbreaking III, Power III Bow x45
    Flame I, Power IV Bow x12
    Flame I, Power III Bow x9
    Infinity I, Flame I, Punch II, Power IV Bow x4
    Flame I, Power IV Bow x19
    Punch I, Power III Bow x4
    Flame I, Power III Bow x4
    Sugar Cane - PM me with your amount and I will work something out.

    Ill add more when I find it :p
  2. added a dc of melon slices
  3. 1 dc of paper
    1 k?
  4. i was thinking 1275 for all 3, 425 each
  5. Paper just sold
  6. I've got a feeling you're finally ready to give up your 200 DC's of sugar cane. :p
    Anyway, I might want dose melons, maybe stone brick too if they're cheap enough.
  7. what do you want for 2dc's of stone brick. 2.5k. Give me your price.
  8. bump, stone brick sold.
  9. added another dc of cactus
  10. added 5 dcs of seeds
  11. melons just sold
  12. added enchanted swords and bows