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  1. Hey all! Selling some promos here, if you're interested in buying any, just post here =D

    Ore Buster - 400k
    Marlix Bow - 25k
    Cupid Bow - 20k
    Marlix Chestplate - 25k
    Marlix Leggings - 20k
    Momentus Toothpick - 35k SOLD
    Dragon Poop - 50k
    Pot of Gold - 24k
    Pot of Gold (Used) 20k
    2014 Labor Bench - 30k SOLD
    2015 EMC Birthday Cake - 15k SOLD
    Undated Avalauncher - 25k
    Feast for a King voucher x2 - 10k EACH
    Chicken Skewer - 30k
    Shear Madness - 20k SOLD
    Bubble Boots - 30k SOLD
    Potato Plate - 30k SOLD
    2014 New Year's Empire Firework - 25k
    2015 New Year's Empire Firework - 20k
    Dasher - 70k
    Blizz Ard's Arm - 35k

    feel free to bargain, as long as it's nae too extreme =P
  2. Nice List! Could I take the shear madness for 17k? :)
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  3. Deal! just send the money and i'll mail it over :3
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  4. Will the send the money later today :)
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  5. Bump!
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  6. anotha one
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  7. Are you ingame? If so I'm getting on now, if we can talk.
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  8. still got the potato plate? if so ill do 30k per ^^ have you got more than one?
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  9. got the labor bench 2014? 25k?
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  10. Sorry i missed you, i'll be on later today at like 8 o clockish
    Yep still got it, I only have one though :3
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  11. 27k and we have a deal :)
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  12. will take it ^^ am paying now
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  13. Ok deal. Save it will pay later when online.
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  14. paid!
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  15. Monies received, promos sent :3 enjoy!
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  16. bump :3
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  18. would you sell your drag poop for 48k?
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  19. Sure!
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  20. will pay now ^^
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