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  1. Hey guys! So, I'm building a residence and I need some money to fund it. So, I have decided to sell some of my promos to earn that money! Please buy :)

    • Momentmus's Toothpick x 1 (50,000 rupees)
    • Maxarian Head x 1 (45,000 Rupees)
    • Dasher Horse 2015 x 1 (25,000 Rupees) ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD
    • EMC Firework [2015 New Years Celebration] (35,000 Rupees)
    • Mineral Mincer - (45,000 Rupees)ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD
    • Sharpshooter - (50,000 Rupees)
    Please private message me if you would like to purchase one of these items. Thanks!
  2. No.

    UPDATE: Dasher sold to Dufne!!!!
  3. Bump!
    UPDATE: Maxarin Head Lowered to 45k
  4. 45k for the mincer?
  5. sure, why not.
  6. Alright, go to /v 4390 on smp2 and pick it up on the chest to your left.
  7. Mineral Mincer sold!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.