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  1. Hello people,

    I am selling these promos.

    1x Cupid Bundle - 55k
    1x Trick-or-Treat Bundle - 65k
    1x Turkey Slicer (2015) - 55k
    3x Feast for a King - 10k each
    4x Avalauncher (2015) - 40k each
    1x Maxarian Head - 90k (may seem high, but I saw one go for this much in a recent auction)
    3x Spooky Egg - 19k each
    13x Dragon Stone Fragments - 1k each
    1x 2013 New Year's Firework - 25k
    1x 2014 New Year's Firework - 20k
    2x Unused Blizz Ard Nose - 45k each
    1x Unused Blizz Ard Eye - 45k
    1x Unused Dasher - 50k

    If you'd like to purchase one of these items please reply here. I will mail the items after payment is received. If any of these prices are too high let me know, I'm not good with pricing promos.
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  3. Buy
    That makes no sense.
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  7. Bump. Is there no market interest for promos? Are my prices too high?
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  9. Would you come down on the mincers?
  10. Yeah, like I said I'm not good at pricing these kinds of items. What seems like a fair price?
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  11. Nevermind I just found azoundria selling em for just under 60k on 11011
  12. -pokes thread-
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  13. I'll pay you 13,000 for all 13 fragments tomorrow morning :)