[Selling] Some Promos

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  1. 1x Pi Pie-16k
    1x Magical Eggcellent Wand-15k
    1x Cupids Bow-17k
    1x Lucky Bow-40k
    1x Meteor Bow-12k
    1x Independence Day Firework 2015-12k
    1x Empire Firework(4th of July 2015)-12k

    You can preview these items at /v 17443 on smp8. If the prices are too high let me know, I'm not good at pricing these things. I will mail items after i receive payment.
  2. Bump still selling these promos
  3. Bumpity Bump
  4. Bring up my post
  5. I will buy the Lucky Bow and Cupid's Bow for 57k
  6. Ok, items will be sent after payment is recieved