[Selling] some promos

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    • Feast for a king x1 (35k)
    • Headless Horseman mask x1 (27k)
    • Pot of Gold x2(23k each)
    • Vault Voucher x1(11k)
    • Cupid Bow x1 (13.5k each)
    • Love Potion #9 x1(18k)
    • Maxarian Head x1(19k)
    • ESCD x1 (19k)
    • Stack of Cupid Arrows x5 (2.5k each stack)
    • Promo Packet(x1). This cost 80k
    • It Includes:
    • -x1 Magical eggcelent wand
    • -x1 Stable Voucher
    • -x2 Holdiday Candle
    • -x1 Pi Pie
    • -x1 Spawned Cupid egg
    • -x1 Rememberance Poppy
    Please post the items that you want below(do not PM me)
    This is a first typed first served policy
    ALL prices may vary in anyway throughout time
    You may not negate an offer if ill already accepted it
    EDIT(November 16,2015): GIVEAWAY IS NOT IN MY THREADS!!!
    See for reference this http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-promo-prices-page.40968/page-6

    Please PM me if you would like to give me some advice with the prices, thanks!
  1. can i buy the love potion please? :)
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  2. I'll buy the ESCD if it's unused.
  3. Yep, all the items are a unused, except for the pot of gold

    Ill give it to you when i come back from school
  4. Can I have the pot of gold for 20k instead?
    Please tuqueque
  5. I'll pay you later today.
  6. Ill buy the escd for 23k
  7. mailed

    21k is as low as i can get, if you want it pay me and ill mail it to you

    Slash already bought the ESCD, sorry
  8. Pot of gold and Vault Voucher please!
  9. it will be 32 500 r,will be mailing

    He payed
  10. Can I have a Cupid's Bow for 12k?
    My number is negotiable.
  11. So... Yes or no?
  12. 13k?
  13. I'll take the vault voucher and All the cupid arrows.
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  14. 12.6 and mail it to me.