[Selling] Some Promos

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  1. The prices I have set forth here are the prices I'm looking to secure for these. They can be negotiated

    1 2012 Empire Firework: 35k
    2 Turkey Slicers: 18k per
    Ore Buster: 85k
    1 Promo Instruction 2013 New Year Edition: Unknown Price.
    1 Everlasting Axe Stopper: 25k

    PM me on forums or in game if interested in any. c: Thank you!
  2. Bump! added Everlasting Axe stopper to list.
  3. If you wish to sell your promo's, you can do so at 9001. Hope it helps :)
  4. bump! Updated list.
  5. oops, lol I thought this was my auction thread :p