[SELLING] Some promos & voter items

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  1. My
    1. iron voter's axe 80k
    2. Iron voter's pickaxe 97k
    • Diamond voter's hoe 52k
    • 2 dragon stone 16k each
    • 2 meteor bows 18.5k each
    Prices are negotioable if in green
  2. I'm guessing the Voter Shovel won't be sold?
  3. I have a BreezyMan head I want to trade for all 3. Are you willing to trade?
  4. I will in the future, but it will be after the chisel me event ends as i have already lent both to people
    His head is only worth 65k according to this: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-prices-v3.56072/#post-1009804
  5. BreezyMan's head is worth a LOT now... Someone recently traded a BreezyMan head for a Diamond Supporter Voucher, and the day before that Someone traded it for 500k...
  6. why dont you sell the head, then buy all my tools and yall have extra rupees ;) sorry, but im only accepting rupees
  7. aww, sory but no deal then D:
  8. Breezyman heads are worth from about 50-70k. I bought mine for 52k. 500k isn't the real price...
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  9. I know that, thanks for the confirmation. I dint trust that price so indidnt make a deal.
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