Selling some Promos, Rares, and other goodies!

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  1. You heard right (if you heard from the title)! Bro is actually selling promos, rares, and other goodies!
    If you want to see any pictures before you buy, let me know :)
    In stock is left of the item's name and in orange color, price is on the right.


    17 Cupid's Bow: 16k per
    1 Haunted Head: 31k per
    5 Freedom Blade (pink): 45k per
    4 Cupid pig (used) : 30k per
    1 2014 Labor Bench: 21k per
    1 *Empire Firework* (2014 new years) : 16k
    4 Dragon Stone (Coal) : 9k per
    6 Dragon Stone (Flint) : 1k per
    27 Cooked Turkey: 900 per
    5 Stacks Cupid Arrows: 3k/stack
    3 Feast for a king: 26k per
    1 Regular Krysyyjane9191 player head: PM me with offers ---> HERE <---

    I will add/remove items from the list as soon as possible, if 2 or more people want to buy the same item, it is "first post first serve".

    Thanks for your time. Enjoy
  2. I'll take all dragon fragments & stones please. :) (42,000r total)
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  3. Ok, 42,000r is correct. Where do you want me to deliver them to?
  4. bump for the Aussies
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