[Selling] Some Promos N stuff yo

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  1. Negotiable I guess:

    x1 Happy Birthday EMC Book. 3,275,000 Rupees
    x2 Mineral Mincer. 65,000 Rupees
    x2 Chicken Skewer. 30,000 Rupees
    x1 Dragon Poop 45,000 Rupees - Being Set Aside for Potential Buyer
    x1 Super Dragon Poop. 45,000 Rupees? ---- Being Set Aside for Potential Buyer SOLD
    x1 Marlix Chestplate. 27,000 Rupees - Being set aside for potential buyer SOLD
    x1 Marlix Boots. 25,000 Rupees
    x1 Bionic Pants 35,000 Rupees
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  2. Can I buy the dragon poop for 45k? :)

    edit: nvm.
  3. I would like to buy the Super Dragon Poop for 45k if that is still available. :)
  4. It is still available if you would like me to set it aside for you.
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  5. Yeah, sure! I can pay you in a bit, just have to log on. ^^
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  6. May I buy the Marlix Chestplate?
  7. I'll take any remaining poops
  8. Yes I will set aside for you when payment is received

    Regular Dragon Poop is left @45k if you want
  9. surely the emc book is well over priced?
  10. I don't see anyone else selling this item plus there is only 16 of them in existence. half the amount of that very prized Tales of Eternia
  11. tales of eternia are only worth a mill, you might want to lower the price
  12. no. Don't like it? Don't buy it.
  13. just trying to help thats all
  14. To be fair, it is a very rare item, so I can see why he's trying to sell for that much - I can't say I've seen any of them sold myself :p
  15. I bought one from sam for a bit less :p
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