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  1. Selling some promos I have amassed, you can buy a minimum of 1 item.
    Minimum bid increment for all is 1k, each auction ends 24 hours after the last bid for that item. I will mail you the item(s) as soon as I recieve payment. Bid away and happy holidays! ;)

    The goods:

    Stable voucher: 11k
    Vault voucher: 13k
    Dragon stone fragments: 2 at 3k apiece
    Lucky bow: 30k
    Cooked turkey: 10k
  2. I want to bid on this but i dont realy understand?
    So if I bid i only get one item?
    If thats so, just auction them sepperiatly
  3. This doesn't make sense at all?
  4. If this is an auction then there are several things wrong.
    1. It looks as if you're trying to sell them separately , but are treating it like an auction. Which is against the rules.
    2. If this is an auction then you need to set a starting bid.
    3. The Dragon Stone Fragments need to be auction in a stack of 64.
    4. The Cooked Turkey is an illegal auction item as well.
  5. This pretty much covers it....

    Please read the link below and repost as required

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.