[ SELLING ] Some Promos and Items

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  1. I am selling each of the things below:

    Full Starter Armor: 9k
    Full Starter Tools: 7k
    One unused Meteor Bow: 12k
    One used Meteor Bow (has been shot only ONE time) : 10k
    Three Dragon Stone Fragments: 1.5k each
    2015 Labor Bench: 10k
    ICC Skin: 4.5k
    Enraged Guardian Egg: 75k
    ItsMeMatheus Senior Staff Head: 100k
  2. ItsMeMatheus Head sold to Phoenixaffinity for 100k.
  3. I'll take the meteor bow, sending the money soon.
  4. Used Meteor Bow sold to slash14459
  5. Ill take the Labor Bench

    Edit: Paid :cool:
  6. Will Probably mail tomorrow if I get a chance :)
  7. lol, sent ;)
  8. Guardian Egg is now 80k. :)
  9. May I request the ICC skin? Will pay when I get on tomorrow. Thank you ^_^
  10. ICC Skin sold to Kytula :)
  11. Unused Meteor bow for 12k. Im gonna pay you right now :)
  12. Will mail :)
  13. Thankyou! :)
  14. Sending soon :)
  15. Sent and Changing Guardian Egg to 75k :)
  16. Guardian Egg sold