[Selling] Some promos and Event Items

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  1. I have some things i want to sell:
    Pi Pie (sold)
    Opened cupid bundle (cupid egg has been spawned and re egged) (rest is unused) (now sold)
    Love potion 9 (sold)
    8 dragon stone fragments
    Forgot to mention i have 12 cupid bows too

    I also have 6 shiny flesh, and 49 shiny arrows. No idea what they do but i don't want them.

    Just some random bits, post any offers.
  2. 25k for the potion, 20k for the opened bundle and 5k for the pie?
  3. The Pie has been sold, i'm pretty sure the potion is worth more than that but 20k for the bundle is fine.
  4. ok where can i buy it?
    and 35k for the potion is good?
  5. 17k for the fragments
  6. how much are the love potions worth? 70k?? :3
  7. Pm if you want to buy something and i'll mail it.
    17k for the fragments is ok. And 35k for the potion is ok too.
    Pm me saying you want them, just so i know you haven't changed your mind.
  8. Someone just snagged the love potion in game, so that is gone now.
    Pi pie and Love potion 9 now sold.
  9. You might want to edit the original post to accommodate for the Pi Pie and Love Potion now being sold. :)
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  10. Oh ok, didn't think of that