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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to sell a few things. So, I looked through my chests, and saw some things I didn't need. Here's the list!

    Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Normal Glass, Red Glass, and Purple Glass (5 rupees for one each)
    4 Mushroom Spawners (14 rupees for one)
    1 Sheep Spawner (10 rupees)
    3 Shears (12 rupees for one)
    16 Ice [Packed] (2 rupees for one)
    14 Glass Blocks (5 rupees for one)
    Oak Wood [Not Crafted] (3-5 rupees each)

    Donation Run
    So, the owners of my residence and I decided: "We need money to support the mall, right? So, we can sell dirt! Everyone can at least pay 10 rupees a dirt. We get donations that way! The best part is, if they spam it, we get more!". So, it is at the front of the 4390 Mega Mall on smp2. Please support the mall and donate to help us grow! Part of the sales we do on the forums, go to the 4390 Mega Mall! We've so far made about 10,009 rupees! Keep it up guys, you're working hard :)

    /v +4390mm, smp2.
  2. Would you not be better off just selling this to a mall?
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  3. Yes, I'm selling it to the mall because we need the money. We've just got up to 45,151 thanks to Dropkick_Panda.
  4. I'm saying all these threads that you make selling items worth under 100r, doesn't it make more sense to just sell it to a shop like 2000? Saves lots of time and hassle of making a thread for such a low value item, doesn't it?
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  5. Like I said to Jennypoo10: I have a younger sister named Althena, and she messes with my account. I have no idea what you are talking about.
  6. What he is saying is, go to a mall such as 9000, 2000 etc. that buys small things like glass. It would save your time and you might even get more money! :)
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  7. So you're telling me that you have a sister that you've never mentioned ever before, she has full access to your account, and you have no idea what she does on it. And you're now claiming you had no idea this thread existed?

    You're also telling me that your sister, Althena, starts threads exactly like you would and knows all about your mall plans?
  8. yes. I've never planned any of this. I never mentioned my sister because she's not really my sister. She's a step-sister.
  9. Why lie about having a sister? If you want to sell the items, go right ahead. Nothing's stopping you. You don't need to pretend to have a compromised account to excuse a thread like this - because there's nothing wrong with it.

    To both parties:
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