[SELLING]Some of my promos

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  1. I have decided to go through my promo collection and cash in on a few of them that I have too many of or just don't want. Post on this thread or PM on forums/in-game if your interested!

    These prices can be negotiable!

    Used Pots of Gold x11 - 20k Each
    Unused Pots of Gold x4 - 20k Each
    Marlix's Armor (Chest) x3 - 20k Each
    Marlin's Leggings x1 - 20k Each
    Cupid's Bow (Unused, still has Unbreaking III) x2 - 15k Each

    I am also open to trades for items of similar value, preferably non-promo items (though if you have a special promo that may interest me, I am open to offers). Things like diamonds, 1.9 items, chests full of wood, etc. As long as you offer enough that is equal in value, I may be interested.

    Edit: These are also for sale in the promo section at /v +jd on SMP7 for the listed prices.

    Thanks for looking and have a great day!
  2. Bumpity! I got some pots of gold that are wanting to be emptied! Also would like to note that prices are negotiable, especially if you buy multiple items.