[Selling] Some more EMC Items

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  1. 1 Dragon Poop - 23,000r Each
    1 Used Valens - 23,000r (PM if interested in stats)

    Post below or PM Me if interested =)
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  2. Would it be ok if I paid 75k for both the Marlix Chestplate and Leggings together?
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  3. Could you do 83k?
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  4. I can do 80k
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  5. ok, sounds good do you want a chest or mail?
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  6. Mail would be great, I'll pay right now
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  7. Items have been sent =)
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  8. I'll pay 190k for the rest.except the Valentines Gift, the ICC remains, and nether hound.
  9. I would like the lucky bow if possible. :)
  10. I'll go 200k actually, for it all except the items I listed. Forgot an item.
  11. It's been two days, could I possibly buy these items for the amount listed?
  12. Sorry that I haven't replied:oops:, I'm am updating that the list atm with whats left or with what I got more of
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  13. I'll pay 220k for everything except te ICC remains, the nether hound, and the feather falling boots
  14. Updated list again with what I have :p
  15. I'll pay 170k for everything except what I listed...
  16. 220k me boy, I can add you know :p
  17. Can i reserve the marlix bow? il pay 50k instead of 45.
  18. sure for how long would you like it reserved for?
  19. So can I, but you left me hangin' 2 or 3 times without a response. Made me fix my little order more times than I should have ;)
    I'll do 190k, and I need that marlix bow